Friday, December 16, 2011

Hepburn's wish of a Sold Sign

Well the last few weeks have been tough. We've been making sure everything is alright with our final plans, signing off on all variations and dealing with some personal issues that have been pushing us beyond our limits at times. The good news is there's light at the end of the tunnel now and we just received a nice email from Kurmond Homes.

I truly believe in trying to stay positive in all situations and showing respect at all times to people. At the end of the day we have to deal with other people and I think if you treat people right then you will be treated with the same respect. If I have one piece of advice I can give to anyone building it's to take that approach even as a customer. I've built a relationship with Kurmond homes and I don't go off my tree at them, I know they can make mistakes, they're only human and they don't mean to do wrong by anyone. I accept certain things take time and nothing is for free. This makes negotiating much easier, getting things done quicker, and if I need to push a bit on time they actually really do try to help out.

So this morning's email was simply titled.....

"Fw: Hepburn's wish of a Sold Sign"

I told Kerry at Kurmond Home's about all the issues we've gone through over the past weeks but never really pushed them to hurry up. About 3 weeks ago though I did mention that we had to have a slab soon to meet the Stamp Duty requirements. I then went on to mention how after all the drama's we've had we were really just waiting to get a sign on our land so we could get a photo, we didn't want anything except to be able to stand on our land with a sign that said Kurmond Homes so we could believe this was all real. Delfin did this for the first release and got everyone pictured with their lot putting SOLD stickers on their signs. But for the second release (mine) they didn't do this at all, instead we had to drive around to our street and look on the white pegs for our lot number. We were so dissapointed we couldn't celebrate this. I told Kurmond Homes (Kerry) this 3 weeks ago and said how I couldn't wait to even just get the fences up. I got the above titled email this morning with two pictures attached. You wouldn't believe how happy we were to see it.

As I said being a great customer also means a lot. I still really appreciate the service by Kurmond Homes.

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