Monday, January 14, 2013

Northern Road Oval - Jordan Springs

Looks like the plans for this were submitted and we should be getting letters in the post soon about this one. The Jordan Springs sports oval. We will have a few weeks to think about it and submit any feedback for council consideration. What's your thoughts?

The oval consists of 42 car spaces on the land and then a  further 22 street parking spots. The field is a mod league field, this means it's smaller then senior fields.

The land consists of a new playground, sports oval and amenities which hosts toilets and a sports store and storage room. The landscaping is looking nice with some colourful tree's and running tracks.

The only issue I have with this is there are no basketball courts in this plan. I know they're planned to be near the school but it would have been nice to see one at the main oval so you could go hear and do a bit of everything. Run, kick a ball and shoot some hoops. Rather then walking to the next spot. Either way it's still good. I'm happy it provides a second park also for the kids. I wonder what happened to hill top park though.

Oh and when are we going to get some basketball courts! :)


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  2. Hi guys, we're working on the inclusive place and would love your input and feedback -

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