Friday, November 2, 2012

How things are going.....

Well my break is coming to an end and it's sad. I have to go back to work next week and I'm not ready to go back by any means. Because we got in a bit later then expected I haven't been able to finish the front landscaping as planned but gotta be happy with how its coming along. The pace has been rather slow because I refuse to pay $100 for delivery of goods and have to wait for friends to be available to help me out to pick materials up etc. It' all good, they're saving me a tonne of money so I can't complain.

As for Kurmond homes they have been pretty good, I've had my cabinet finished a week or so after handover, the electricians were here this week and done a whole lot of things which was great. Saying that I'm still waiting for Manago tiles to come back and fix some beading to my media room wall, they've had a few reminders by Ben but still haven't come out. Other then that there isn't to much to complain about.

Now with Christmas coming up the plan is to finish the front landscaping and try and get a start on the back. We've done a fair bit out the front and I'll share where I got things.

First, in the backyard we've painted our retaining wall to match the fence. Just got the Taubmans paint from bunnings. The colour is woodlands grey but you can ask for Grey Ridge or Slate Grey if you want another brand of paint.

This is my custom letterbox, I got it from It lights up at night in the white parts can't wait to install it. They do privacy and feature screens and all sorts of things which I plan to buy a bit more of for the backyard later. This is a bit pricey so dont expect it to be cheap, some of there other screens etc are cheaper then the letterboxes.
This is the decking I'm installing out the front thats used as a path to the side of the house. It's called Timbertech from ITI. They're head office is in Dunheved which made it easy to go check it out. The deck is pure plastic and fire graded and a lot better then Modwood (also from ITI). Timbertech is stronger and used by architects and is a lot harder so very hard to scratch. It never needs any maintenance at all and is only a few dollars per meter more then the Merbau but you have to buy it in full lengths which is a catch. I got mine via Hudsons in Coreen Avenue.

One bed made with pavers from Bunnings. Needs more soil though.

One last note, Ian shared this link with me as it makes the bins look cool. You might be interested in them.


  1. Looking schmik mate! I like the painted retaining wall!

  2. Hi - I've found your blog really interesting as we are building in Northridge. Love your letterbox! Definitely going to get some of those bin stickers -- they do look cool!