Friday, October 12, 2012

My Internal Opticomm Fibre Cabinet - Hills Hub Setup

Just sharing some pictures for my fibre connection in case it helps anyone. One thing I recommend is asking your builder to install a double power point in the hills hub. I added one to mine afterwards as I didn't even think it might be needed but it defiantly will be.

My hills home hub is in the wall. The first shot shows the hub with the backup power supply for the external ONT. This power supply keeps a phone line up (If you don't go with VOIP).

The second shot shows my BOB lite modem in the box in front of the switch I bought. My data incoming port goes into number 1 on my BOB lite, so expect to lose one port for the incoming. The telephone cable goes into my phone point. I then have one patch lead going out of the modem into the switch.

The third shot shows the switch. This is a gigabit switch which allows everything connected to it to talk at 1000mb. You need to ensure you use CAT 6 everywhere for that to work and your PC's etc will need a gigbait network card to get full use.

The modem came from iinet, and the switch and cables came from ARC Computers in Penrith. The small Cat 6 cables cost about $2-$3 and the switch was $36.

I used this setup as I had hard wired 8 ports around the house, otherwise I'd suggest what Ian used, the Asus RT-N56U. (

I'll be buying a wireless extender as well as the BOB lite picks up ok but because its behind the metal box I get crappy signal as soon as I shut the box. I may pick up the Asus and use it as an extender and can use it for a small switch as well. :)

So far I'm loving the fibre, cloudy days, perfect reception on my TV. Oh and the net is crazy fast!!! I'm stoked how good it is!

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  1. Nice, tidy setup! how did you connect the PSU to the inside of the recessed box? a hole in the wall behind the PSU?