Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Got Wood

We sure do. Our first level frames were delivered today so we're pretty happy about that. We're also pretty stoked as we have about 3-4 days of clear weather forecast so hopefully this helps get things done. We had our electrical connected last week along with water and fibre to the home.

With the frames they deliver the first floor and when it's finished they then deliver the second floor and the truck puts it straight up on top of the second storey. We noticed today that Deon's top level frames had been delivered so there a week or two ahead of us at the moment.

We had a call late last week to in regards to our Alfresco, was a bit odd but we talked i through. Basically the Alfresco is pretty long and needs to support the roof on the west facing side. They had planned to use a timber beam but we would have ended up with a join under the ceiling which sticks out. Kurmond rang me to check if they could use a steel beam there to clean it up. I approved it as I didn't want it to look ugly.

As far as everything's going we're starting to get on track now. We got our first invoice from Kurmond last week and the process to approve it via Westpac was too easy, basically give them a ring and it's all done (When we originally got the forms we just had to fill out a form to be able to do it that way). Westpac will only need to check it when the frame is up, I've been told give them 3 days notice to come out. All the other stages only require an inspection by me.

Now that's approved the money starts getting tougher. I'm lucky as I plan to have my sister move in and rent the house out so she's looking to come early. We're starting to organise the house now so she can do that. Basically we plan to have her in within the month. She's working casually still at the moment but everyday. Hopefully she'll get a full time role soon so she can stay here otherwise I'll have to rent it out, which I don't want to do at the moment because the house needs some repairs in which I don't have the money to fix.

As soon as the frame starts to go up I'll post some more pictures. Have a sunny week. :)


  1. Hi Luke,

    It's all coming together now, Once it's starts it goes quick we are waiting for our gutter and roof to be delivered, can't wait. I notice the corner lot of water gun and crimson st people have moved in.

    There are a few jobs around penrith hiring at the moment, Fingers cross for her.

  2. Looking good mate! Hope they get stuck into it for you while the weather is good!

  3. Hi Mate,
    I also had to have steel beam inserted after the plans were approved by council. Did Kurmond charge you this?

  4. The Corner of Water Gum & Crimson is me! we got the keys last friday! Cant wait to get some neighbours! i go walking most nights around jordan springs so ill keep my eye on all your works! :)

  5. Oh wow you must be excited I went out this arvo to see the work on our house, we are 2 doors up from you. Our roof got delivered, so excited. Your house looks amazing on the outside, must be inside too.

    Luke seen they have got your first floor going up.

  6. Hey Victor - yeh there was a variation cost. Argument was they could do it with wood but there would be a visible join showing. I just bit the bullet.

    Lots of houses starting to go up. Looking great out there.

  7. We had to pay extra for a steel beam as the standard was wood and we didnt want the cladding over the garage and other parts of the house as it would look ugly so going steel we can have everything brick with no cladding. How fast is crimson street coming along..

  8. Hey Hepburn,
    I got a variation too, i guess it is part of the cost.

  9. Hey mate,
    What is these rain days variations???

  10. At the start of building you're given a start and finish date, rain day variations move the end date. You can choose to sign off on them or argue with them.

  11. All public holidays also change the end date and if it rains one day and the next day its sunny if the ground is still wet they can add that day too.