Wednesday, November 23, 2011

$500 Infrastructure Restoration Bond

I got asked about this today and had forgot all about it. For anyone building in Jordan Springs (or any Penrith Suburb to that fact). Penrith Council have only recently introduced a new council bond payable to them which must be paid before you're allowed to get your construction certificate.

The bond is $500 and you will need to fill out the form yourself and even go out to your site and take photo's of any cracks in footpath.

The form and details can be found on Penrith Councils website. Here's a link if you wish to have a look. Make sure you have your camera ready. Once you get the receipt back send it straight into your builder.


  1. Get this.. not everyone has to pay it.. I certainly did, but I know of residents in Glenmore Ridge that have completely escaped it and others that only paid $180. We got lumped with the full $500... its a joke...

    Just as council stipulated different requirements in bushfire prone homes that contradicts itself... welcome to the $500 club....

  2. That's odd.....the form doesn't state anything like that. What a joke. I've also been alrted to a possible long service levy that's on its way.