Saturday, October 29, 2011

Been a while so time for an update.

It's been a while since I posted an update, my wife and I went through a real busy patch with work and it's nice to be on holidays at the moment just spending the next two weeks at home cleaning up and getting our current house a bit closer to ready for renting it out.

As for an update with the house the plans are now in with council, they were submitted on the 7th of October. The Preliminary assessment has been completed on the 26th so I'm hoping it's now only days away from being determined, as long as they haven't found any issues.

The Penrith e-planning website is great. I keep an eye on what the rest of the street is doing and look at all the other cool houses going up nearby. It's nice to know what's going next door as well. If you know your DA number just type that in or do what I do and type an address in and search, then hit the property button so see all the DA's. The link is

As for Jordan springs, it's coming along real nice. If anyone is interested in building and buying land over there let me know. If I refer people I can get $1000 for me and for the buyer. Always good to help each other out. Jordan Springs actually is selling blocks in the next section called the Northbridge 2 release today. There's 45 new blocks of land for sale. It looks like a nice spot too, it's the part where it will be heading up to the park on top of the hill. I went and had a look yesterday and I can imagine enjoying a nice stroll up that hill to the park, looking out west to the mountains. The picture in my head looks amazing.

We have yet to do our internal colours and electrical, Kurmond say they wait for the council plans to be approved before doing those to ensure there aren't any changes. Hopefully if all goes well we will start building before Christmas.

Once things start happening I'll be updating things more regularly.

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